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The Magical Universe of Rodney Orpheus

Being the Thoughts of a Modern Dilettante

Rodney Orpheus
I'm a game playing occultist rock star. Yes, my teen dreams did come true.

Also see my MySpace page and The Cassandra Complex site

What I'm listening to this week (MP3s only, does not include surround music and in-car listening):

And since some people still don't seem to get what this Live Journal thing is about:

This is my Live Journal. That is, it's my diary, a place where I jot down my thoughts and doings and interests; and do so publicly, so that my friends and anyone else who is curious can have a look if they so desire. As such, there are certain things readers should keep in mind:
  1. This is my space, for whatever I find interesting. So if you don't find the same things interesting, tough shit. Go find other things that do interest you and stop wasting your time here.

  2. These are my opinions, not anyone else's. They do not represent the opinions of anyone I work for, or any organisation I may happen to be a member of. In fact, I don't think organisations can have an opinion, only individuals.

  3. This is not a public forum. It's my journal. I have total charge of it, and I reserve the right to publish or screen any comments made on it. All posts made by people who aren't my friends in real life are automatically screened by default, and are unlikely to be unscreened unless I find them interesting. If you want to showboat in public, go waste your time on a mailing list instead.

  4. I'm not interested in arguing with you. Generally speaking any opinion you are likely to hold that is different to mine is probably one that I've already weighed up and rejected a long time ago, and I have no interest in discussing it with you unless you know more about it than me. And trust me, you probably don't, because I'm probably a lot smarter than you are. There are a few people on my Friends list that I consider my intellectual peers, and if you're not on that list already I am highly unlikely to have any interest whatsoever in your opinion. Go read a book and educate yourself instead of arguing with me.

  5. I, and I alone, decide what goes in here. Your opinion on what is or is not "appropriate" for my journal is entirely irrelevant. So don't even bother asking me to change something, it's not going to happen.

  6. Everything I write is copyright me. I do not have to assert anything in order for that copyright to be valid, it's implicit in the process of creation. That's the law, it's how the law works, and there's no way round it. However if something I write appears in a public post, generally I will allow unlimited reproduction, provided proper attribution is made, under the following license:

    Creative Commons License

    This work is licensed under a
    Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License.

    Although most of my posts are public, some are locked to Friends Only or to a Custom filter. If a post is locked, that means it is private correspondence between me and the other people included in that filter. I reserve all rights to any material that appears within a locked post on my Live Journal. I expressly forbid the reproduction of any material that appears in a locked post. I will consider legal action against anyone who disobeys this injunction. Yes, I'm serious about this. I will also kick your two-faced back-stabbing ass halfway to hell and back for ever pretending to be my "friend".

  7. You are possibly thinking "Wow, this is really egoistic!". And you'd be entirely correct. It's my journal. It's where I take my ego for a stroll and invite you to accompany me. I enjoy sharing the fruits of my thoughts and feelings, and I love having company while I do that. All the preceding statements only exist in order for me to safeguard that ability to think in public freely. If you still don't comprehend that, and how important it is to me, you are unlikely to be the kind of person whom I will relate to anyway.

    1. Liber Al Democrats
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